Rain ride after a long time

On 23rd October I had started from office by 8.00 PM, there was no symptom of rain so decided to ride to home. I did a off-roading for abt 2 kms from office to reach the main road. I thought that I had escaped from rain today, since the forecast said that there will be rains at night. My thinking did not lost for so long.. In another 10 minutes a it started drizzling… I continued the ride thinking that there will be much showers and also there is no places on the way to stay safe… But again my this thinking went wrong… The haze broke up and started pouring water to the earth. Me got completely wet in seconds…

It went as a ride which I used to have on school days, where most of the days I would have two baths, first in the morning and the next in the evening in rain. I enjoyed the ride for 25 kms after many days, since there where no traffic too… Finally reached home completely wet, also the rain too stopped. It was a wonderful ride after so long years… Hope to get the next on near future.

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