Quick site migration of rick.co.in

Finally decided to migrate my site from html to php after 6 years. Had a quick start on the Sunday morning. Did some quick changes and now I wanted to test it. I don’t have apache and php installed on my workstation. Had located these freeware from net and set it to download. Mean while I left out to take lunch. Came back… woh.. the download was complete. Installed both the software and it went fine…

The trouble started when I started testing the installation. I did not get any output out of phpinfo(). Searched in net, but did not get any good solutions. Finally thought of removing php.ini from the php directory and restated the web server. Wavh… it worked… But i am not able to find out what what was the error with php.ini. Then tested the site and uploaded it to the destination server. Yet have to make some more icons and content, which are missing now. Don’t know when I will have time to complete the pending ones… Any way have a visit to the new look of the site www.rick.co.in. Not much change in the the front end, just pen down your comments.

NB: If any one of you could help with that php error it would be of great help.

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