Facts about me

33 random facts you don’t know about me.

  1. I hate playing music or talking when I’m working.
  2. I generally get suck at math and start deriving from base
  3. I’m always late.
  4. I do most of the things at last minute.
  5. I don’t play to much computer/video games.
  6. I don’t sleep more than 8 hrs.
  7. I hate writing and reading.
  8. My favorite number is 7.
  9. I don’t like drinking milk, bonvita etc.
  10. I like taking long showers.
  11. I hate cheaters.
  12. I don’t drink or smoke
  13. I go to Y! chat rooms when I’m bored at everything else.
  14. I like to watch ads.
  15. I consider myself as crazy.
  16. I like to be a web engineer.
  17. I don’t have any pets. But I love small dogs and cats.
  18. My favorite color is black.
  19. I like myths.
  20. I like riding bikes for long distance
  21. I don’t watch movies much
  22. I have a habit of being annoying when I get bored.
  23. I consider myself digitally dangerous.
  24. I think keyboard is the coolest musical instrument.(But I don’t how to play it 🙂 )
  25. I think every thing needs to be perfect.
  26. I think my personal hygiene is perfect.
  27. I’m not very fashionable with costumes.
  28. I usually don’t give up.
  29. I hate things that I don’t understand or those I cannot control.
  30. I consider myself a very curious person.
  31. I am very attentive to class rooms.
  32. I consider myself a very lazy man.
  33. I like photography.

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